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End-to-end Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare. And, the future is happening right now!

Our cutting edge telemedicine solutions usher in a new era of ease and convenience for millions of patients who wish to avail health care services without having to step out of the comforts of their home or travel long distances to meet a specialist.

We use a proprietary web-based service that features HD video conferencing, secure Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with appointment scheduler, Co-pay processing system and much more for a secure, complete and fully satisfactory telemedicine experience. And yes, we always ensure 100% HIPAA compliance.

Our Telemedicine system is currently used by patients, healthcare facilities, individual physicians and physician groups!

Secure & Cost Effective Medical Consultation

Reducing your costs by reducing the physical proximity between the patient and physician is a key asset. Modern world of healthcare demands better connectivity in your conference system with secure sharing of information.

  • GoTelecare’s state-of-the-art platform in telemedicine allows complete mobility for physicians. They can attend to the patients, provide them consultation, with complete flexibility of time and location.
  • Better economy by reducing time of travel and the cost incurred
  • Excellent opportunity to become a part of the broader world of industry peers and physicians
  • Freedom of choice to work from anywhere and offer medical consultation. Currently our network comprises more than 50,000 laboratories and 60,000 pharmacies in the US.
  • Catering services to a wide spectrum of specialties & healthcare providers
  • A 100% HIPAA compliant system

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