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Thank you for visiting Telecares’ TMD website, where we diagnose and treat orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders. Dr. Mansoor Bhatti and his staff are dedicated to the most effective, non-invasive care for TMD sufferers. Dr. Bhatti has been treating TMD and orofacial patients since 2009.

Dr. Bhatti identified that temporomandibular joint and muscle dysfunctions lead to instabilities and a host of symptoms. He realized that treating the jaw joint was imperative for maximizing the patient’s health and well-being.  It was with this philosophy that Dr. Bhatti specializes in treating and managing TMD and orofacial pain.

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Dr. Mansoor Bhatti
Dr. Bhatti is the founder and owner of Telecare LLC., He is the primary developer of clinical programs and strategy at Telecare. Dr. Bhatti has over 12 years’ experience with telehealth platforms. He has served as Medical Director and Consultant for such pharmaceutical companies as Circassa, Invetiv and Pfizer. Upon completing his dental training from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, he proceeded to complete his surgical fellowship at St. Rita’s Hospital in Lima, Ohio. While in Ohio, Dr. Bhatti completed the Physician Associate Program in Primary Care at the University of Findlay.  In October of 2016, Dr. Bhatti received the Certificate of Completion for Primary Care Medicine and Management from UC San Diego School of Medicine. Dr. Bhatti specializes in maxillofacial and orofacial medicine.  He directs Telecare clinical, medical, and telemedicine platformswhich is instrumental in managing the operational and business developmental needs of our clients.
Shehla Bhatti
Shehla Bhatti brings 15 years of business and managerial experience to Telecare. Having achieved a Bachelor's of Commerce from Punjab University and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from York University. Shehla Bhatti has held numerous managerial and leadership positions over the past 15 years. Shehla directs both in house and platform services at Telecare.

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